Market Intelligence & Voice of Customer Surveys

Quantify the real size of your opportunity and understand what customers want.

 You might have a great product, but do you really know how big your market is or what your target customers really want? We have helped many clients answer these exact questions.

Validate your market. Listen to potential customers.

Market Research and Market Sizing

Market research and accurate market sizing is one of the most important factors an investor will consider when evaluating your business. Investors are not impressed by a large market figure by itself, they want to see how you segmented your market, and understand the methodology and logic that got you to that figure.

We base our analysis on a wide array of secondary market research sources, and identify trends and qualitative data that impact your start-up. In addition, we go out in field and conduct primary research where we reach out to target customers through research interviews to identify the buying process, budgets and price sensitivity. A good forecast needs to be robust so we triangulate our bottom-ups approach and our top-down approach to reach a strong conclusion that will convince investors and validate the potential of your business.

Industry, Market, Competitive and Environmental Analysis

We can help you update your business strategy and evaluate the business opportunity in building products and services for new customer segments. Some of the key result areas we focus on are:

  • Which customer segment has the highest profitable growth opportunity?
  • Who are the key competitors in terms of dollars displaced?
  • What are the forces that control profitability?
  • Which products and services best compliment your main offering?
  • How should you position yourself in the market?

Voice of Customer Study

Do you have features that matter? Is your pricing right? Are you targeting the right buyer? Why did customers buy the products that they are currently using?

The most valuable market intelligence you can get is directly from customers in your target market. You can save years of R&D and product iterations by getting insights and feedback directly from customers before you start your product development efforts.

We’ll design a survey that captures all of the qualitative and quantitative interviews with buyers and potential users of your product. Then we’ll interview 20-40 of your potential customers and analyze the results.

After this 6-12 week exercise, you’ll have direct feedback from potential customers, competitive intelligence, and pricing data to help you prioritize your product / service features and understand how you should price them.

Product-Market Fit / Go-To Market

After gathering the customer intelligence, we can start to develop a go-to market strategy. The primary and secondary research feeds into our model where we develop MVP specs, a product pricing model, and determine the customer outreach process.

Based on our findings, this exercise builds the business case for rollout. The output from this exercise models the effort required to build your product or service. We look at the break-even and investment payback timeframes and recommend a go or no-go action.

This effort includes a financial modeling exercise to project the cost-benefit analysis of rolling out the product or service, accounting for the appropriate organization structure, the go-to-market strategy, the associated resource and capital costs and the breakeven analysis.