Accelerating Sales from Traction to $10M

Companyon Growth Series


Joe Ippolito, Sales Force Development Expert, Sandler Training

Date & Time

Tuesday, April 4
4:00 – 6:00 PM

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1 Main St.: East Arcade Room
Cambridge, 02142

East Arcade Room is accessible directly from the sidewalk. See walking map.

Free | Open to the Public | RSVP Requested

Session Limited to 50 Attendees


Accelerating Sales from Traction to $10M

Event Summary:

Building the proper sales structure and process can enable companies to scale 3-4x faster with predictability. B2B startups often gain initial market traction using an ad-hoc founder-driven sales approach that relies upon the CEO’s professional network and unshakable determination to sign initial customer deals.

Companies entering their growth phase that can quickly transition to an organized, scalable, process-driven sales methodology will see dramatic sales growth beyond their initial traction positioning them strongly for their Series A and Series B financing.

Joe Ippolito from Sandler Training will outline the essential components to building and scaling your sales methods & organization by sharing real world case studies to illustrate how companies have put Sandler’s best practices in place to significantly improve close rates, reduce time to close, and increase their revenue growth rates.

Presentation will be followed by a Q&A workshop where Joe can help you with specific sales challenges your organization is currently facing.

Attendees will receive a complimentary copy of one of Sandler Training’s award winning books that cover this session’s topics in greater detail

Topics Will Include:

  • A blueprint for building a successful sales culture, structure, and process
  • Common pitfalls and mistakes and how to avoid them
  • Sales funnel deep dive- you’re doing it wrong
  • Understanding the buyer-seller psychology behind the sales interaction
  • Taking the pressure off. Tools and tactics to get your prospects to close themselves


Who Should Attend:

  • Founders and CEOs of B2B startups (with no formal sales training) who are selling and/or at the early stages of building a dedicated sales function
  • CEOs and sales teams who have achieved initial market traction of at least $500K ARR who are seeking to improve sales metrics and accelerate revenue growth
  • Startup Investors and advisors whose seed-funded companies are under pressure to ramp monthly revenue in preparation for their Series A or Series B funding


Event Resources

A list of resources to supplement the live event.


About Joe Ippolito and Sandler Training

Joe Ippolito is an award winning, trainer, speaker and author with Sandler Training. Sandler is the world’s leading sales and leadership training organization with a local focus and over four decades of experience with a client list that includes LinkedIn, Salesforce, Carbonite, MIT, and Oracle as well as venture-backed startups like DataBox, Signiant, and Wymsee. His columns on cutting edge sales topics have appeared frequently in the Boston Business Journal.